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6. RGO 2020 - Awarded/Active Project Resources
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1. How to Use the 'Project Elements' Form to Submit Required Documentation
This PDF download details how to use the Project Elements form to provide required documentation for your awarded project. The instructions cover how to provide an upload for a required document, how to make changes to that upload (if required), and how to determine if/when your upload/required document has been reviewed and accepted.

2. How to Sign Your Grant Agreement
After your Grant Agreement has been prepared and signed by our staff, you'll receive notification that it is ready to sign. This short video details how to sign your Grant Agreement: (1) access the 'Agreement Signatures' form to download the grant agreement and attachments that require an authorized signature; (2) scan all documents that require signature(s) into one PDF; (3) upload that file for our staff to review; (4) status change your submission to submit the signed agreement.

3. Complete Guide to Reimbursement Requests 
This PDF guide provides technical (non-programmatic) instructions for initiating, editing, and submitting reimbursement requests in the RGO 2020 system. It also details how to re-submit your request (if required), how to provide additional information (if requested), how to sign your Certification letter, and track your payment. Additionally, guidance is provided for using the Budget Summary report from a previous reimbursement to ensure adherence to Cost Categories on subsequent reimbursements.

4. How to Submit a Seed Money Request (For CO-OP Sponsors ONLY)
CO-OP sponsors can request Seed Money to use for approved budget elements prior to actually paying for those elements, so that they may begin their programming and adhere to their project timeline. This video details how to submit a Seed Money Request, and how to provide the itemized receipts for the approved budget elements once they've been obtained.

5. Complete Guide to Quarterly Reports 
This PDF guide provides technical (non-programmatic) instructions for editing and submitting Quarterly Reports in the RGO 2020 system. It also details auto-initiation/due dates of Quarterly Reports for each reporting period, and how to modify/re-submit your report (if required by our staff).

6. How to Submit an Amendment/Revision Request
This short video details how to submit an Amendment/Revision Request for your Active Grant. 

7. How to Sign Your Amendment/Amended Grant Agreement
This short video details how to sign an Amendment/Amended Grant Agreement for your project.